Lesotho, a high-altitude, landlocked kingdom encircled by South Africa, is crisscrossed by a network of rivers and mountain ranges including the 3,482m-high peak of Thabana Ntlenyana. On the Thaba Bosiu plateau, near Lesotho’s capital, Maseru, are ruins dating from the 19th-century reign of King Moshoeshoe I. Thaba Bosiu overlooks iconic Mount Qiloane, an enduring symbol of the nation’s Basotho people. Natural attractions, activities and highlights of the Maloti-Drakensberg are mainly in uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park,  Sehlabathebe National Park,  Maletsunyane Falls,  Sani Pass, Culture, Adventure tourism and Floral splendor.

Main Attractions

Maliba Lodge is the first and only 5-star luxury Lesotho accommodation in Southern Africa. It is located in a pristine national park in the heart of this Mountain Kingdom.

The capital of Lesotho, Maseru, is located on the Mohokare River, bordering South Africa. Escape into the mountain kingdom. Explore cliffs and crags. Go fishing and eat your fresh catch.

Thaba Bosiu, the most famous historical site in Lesotho and the country’s greatest national monument, is a flat-topped mountain about 20km east of present-day Maseru.

The Katse Dam in the Maloti Mountains, a major joint international undertaking, forms part of the huge Lesotho Highlands Water Project that exports water to neighbouring South Africa.

The Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation Area, encompassing the Maloti and the Drakensberg mountains, features more than 2 500 species of flora.

Sani Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2,876m (9,400ft) above the sea level, located in the western end of Kwa Zulu-Natal province of South Africa on the road between Underberg and Mokhotlong

Other Places Of Interest

Sehlabathebe National Park

The Sehlabathebe National Park is located in the Maloti Mountains in Qacha’s Nek District, Lesotho, and is part of the larger Maloti-Drakensberg World Heritage Site. It is the most beautiful place to visit in the Maseru district. The park lays at the border of Lesotho and South Africa. In this park you will find hut camps which consist of well-equipped chalets to give you the best feeling ever

Maletsunyane Falls

The mighty Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho, one of the highest single dropping waterfalls in Africa, creates a haze of smoke as the water plummets 186 metres into a spectacular gorge. It is from this smoke that Semonkong Lodge – The Place of Smoke – gets its name.

Thaba Ntlenyana

Thaba Ntlenyana (3482m) the highest peak in Southern Africa is found in the north of Lesotho, and geographically most of the country consists of high mountain ranges, which have been carved out by rivers. All these rivers flow into the Senqu River (Orange River) and then into the Atlantic Ocean. Thabana Ntlenyana, which literally means “Beautiful little mountain” in Sesotho, is the highest point in Lesotho and one of the highest mountains in southern Africa

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